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SALT LAKE CITY, PARK CITY, LEHI: (435)849-6337 or (801)900-3667

All Glass Dark Brown Steel Athena with tinted windows

Invest In Your Home

A New Garage Door makes the top five list of home improvements. ~DASMA

Modern Style Home with an White  Laminated Glass Athena

Style Your home with

Glass window options surrounded by aluminum or steel that are available with paint, powder coat, woodgrain or anodized finishes.


Martins Patented V-Groove doors are available in three wood grain patterns, Walnut, Ash, and Natural. It's steel that looks like wood.

bi-directional wood grain

Maintaining a wood garage door can be a frustrating, try one of our maintenance free steel wood doors.

Two Desert Taupe Garage Doors with Larger Windows shows the Latest Trend

Steel Framed Windows

Choose larger windows for that perfect look. Insulated or security glass are also available.

It's your door

With Martin doors, you choose the materials, finish, color, and design, and we install your perfect door for you.

Gateway with large tinted windows


This style is based on the original Martin Woodcraft door.


01 Our Services

Lots of Broken Springs
Spring Replacement
Stu replaces your broken garage door torsion springs with Martin lifetime warranted galvanized springs that are guaranteed to last.

She is happy buying a Low Cost Garage Doors, thumbs up.
Low Cost Doors
Do you need a discounted garage door?  Ask Stu for his latest specials. There are even factory second doors that are available for immediate installation.

Stu Clark out on the job repairing a garage door.
Garage Door Repair
At Stu's they are Garage Door Repair Experts, clean cut, fast, reliable, factory trained technicians using only the highest quality parts.  And on time!

Walnut wood grain steel garage door in Park City, UT
Whether it's an wood carriage house look, a distinctive all-glass door, or copper door, explore the beauty and elegance of a Martin door.

Doors That Last
They are handcrafted, made in the USA, designed to last a lifetime and have an unbeatable warranty.

Quality and Safety
Stu doesn't cut corners he installs Martin, "The World's Finest, Safest Doors."  Rated #1 in the industry.



02 About Us

25 Plus Years of Experience
With years of experience, recommending only what you need, honest service at a low cost because we value a long-term relationship.
Prompt, Reliable and Highly Qualifified
Our mission is to exceed your expectations, a family run business focused on treating you with utmost respect and care.
Guaranteed Service
Whether it is a minor or major repair or install they will stand behind their service guaranteed, no matter the brand.


03 Testimonials

When the spring on my garage door broke, I asked a friend if he knew a good garage door guy, and he said to call Stu. I must have just called at the right time because the guy was at my house in 45 minutes with all the parts he needed to fix the door. He was professional and nice and had it fixed in 20 minutes. It worked out great. I highly recommend them. ”
Jim Gilbert
Stu’s service reps were clean, friendly, and professional. They fixed my old door and springs with high quality parts, and they answered all my questions. I was very impressed by their knowledge, skills, and professionalism. I’ve told several of my friends and neighbors about Stu and highly recommend them.”
Jon Phoenix
Stu  replaced my old “tract home” garage doors and opener with their Martin door products. I LOVE them! They’re beautiful, stylish, and quiet. Now my little girl, whose bedroom us right over the garage, doesn’t wake up every time we open the garage door!”
Judy Mesa
Recently my original garage door broke, and knowing that it couldn’t be repaired, I contacted Stu's Garage Doors to discuss a new installation. I received a fair price, quick installation, and the installers were pleasant and professional. I highly recommend Stu to anyone if they are in the market.”
“Like a lot of people, we were plagued with an old and malfunctioning garage door. Thanks to Stu, they were not only able to get out the same day, but they took the time to explain to us the dangers of our failing spring and helped us prevent future damage. Since our wonderful experience, I have referred them to a number of our friends.”
Lehi, UT
My wife and I needed our garage door repaired and actually found Stu on Yelp. Fantastic experience!! Stu is professional, fast and affordable. Grade A quality and have recommended him to my neighbors. Thanks again, Stu!!!”
Virgil G.
Salt Lake City, UT
Stu Installed my door over ten years ago when he was working for a different company.  The spring broke, Stu was out the next day, said everything was under warranty. I Only payed a small labor charge, I Will not call anybody else.”
George G.
American Fork, UT